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BIRDS-X project is a 2U CubeSat dedicated to amateur radio communication. Our stakeholders are Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) and the Association for Radio Digital Communications (ARDC). The goal of our project is to bring diversity to the space sector and democratize the usage of space.

The BIRDS-X project is part of the Joint Global Multi-Nation BIRDS Satellite project. This initiative aims to foster cross-border collaboration and interdisciplinary research in the field of satellite technology, particularly for non-space faring countries.

BIRDS-X is the final project in a series of following projects: BIRDS1, BIRDS2, BIRDS3, BIRDS4 and BIRDS5. Building upon the knowledge and experience gained from these previous endeavors, we are developing an innovative CubeSat that leverages amateur radio communication capabilities.

The BIRDS-X project is led by the Laboratory of Lean Satellite Enterprises and In-Orbit Experiments (LaSEINE) at Kyutech in Japan. Our main purpose is to expand the “Base of Space” by lowering barriers to new comers, and this action becomes a catalyst for attracting new human resources to the space sector. The refreshing ideas of these new entrants create exciting new uses of space. Technological innovations created by Lean Satellites could revolutionize space development and could dramatically expand human activities in space.

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