APRS Payload Competition 2nd Phase

Issue: BIRDS-X APRS Payload Competition 2nd Phase Selection Results

Dear Participants.

We are glad to inform you that the evaluation process for the second phase of the APRS Payload Competition has been completed, and 11 teams have been selected!

We would like to congratulate you on being selected for this new stage and wish you luck in developing the Engineering Model Board.

2nd Phase Winners:

JASPER — Canada
MARITES – Philippines
Xaman-Ek – Mexico
ACCIMT – Sri Lanka
Poás – Costa Rica
Smog Series – Hungary
Stellaris IPN – Mexico
Qhapac Ñam – Peru
EIRU-4S – Paraguay
Zimteam – Zimbabwe
Butterfly Effect – Egypt

To all the participants, we want to thank you for your applications; BIRDS-X received several high-level applications, which made a very difficult and competitive selection.

We encourage you to continue the excellent work and outreach of APRS and Amateur Radio communications.

Kind regards,

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